What forms of ID does LES require to obtain service?

LES requires 2 forms of ID. Driver’s licenses, Social Security Card, birth certificate, photo ID and some other forms by visual approval.

How much is a deposit?

For residential Customers there is a refundable $100 deposit and a non-refundable $25 service charge.

If my bill is due on Saturday or Sunday will it be considered late if I pay it on Monday.

No, if a bill is due on the weekend or an LES holiday, you have the following day to pay before a penalty is applied.

When is my cut off day?

The date stated on your disconnect notice is your last full day to pay, the next business day @ 10 am will be your cut off.

How many arrangements do I get in a year?

You get three arrangements in a year. There must be special circumstances to receive an arrangement. Not all circumstances guarantee you an arrangement. You cannot have 2 arrangements back to back.

How many days after my bill is due, do I have to pay my bill?

Ten days after the original due day, you will be on the disconnect list if not paid.  However, the day after it is due, there will be a 5% penalty applied.

What is the TVA fuel cost adjustment?

The charge is for the generation of power by TVA. This covers fuel used to create the power, such as gas, coal and other resources.